Eight Lessons Later: The recording

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OK, here it is, everyone, at long last — the recording. The recordings of these pieces were made on September 7 in the black box theater at OC Music and Dance. The piano is a Steinway grand. Ian Layman was the recording engineer. I’d like again to thank my teacher Lee Ann Leung for her patience, knowledge and amiability. All the mistakes are mine, and no reflection on her.

The pieces are “Thirds” and “Little Study” from “Mikrokosmos” by Bartok; Andante, “Balalaika,” and “Galop” from “Five Easy Pieces” for piano four hands by Stravinsky (with Lee Ann Leung); and the Prelude No. 1 from “The Well-Tempered Clavier” by Bach.

I recorded each piece twice (the Bach three times), and Ian and I tried to splice together good recordings from those, but imperfections remain. Oh well, that’s life.

(Update: Scroll down on the SoundCloud player if you’d like to hear all six tracks.)

author: tmangan

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