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Conference Rooms

Ideal meeting spaces equipped for those looking for an working environment.

Recording Studio

Fully equipped recording studio, perfect for producing, recording and mixing music projects.

8 Music Rooms

We offer plenty of spaces for private tutoring, performances, and more!

3 Dance Rooms

Looking to teach a class or need dance space for practice? Our dance studios are fully equipped for all your needs.

Room Information & Dimensions

Conference Rooms

Conference Room A

Conference Room B

Conference Room A & B

Recording Studio

Dimensions: TBA

Music Rooms

Baroque: (12′ x 15′)

Cantata: (12′ x 13′)

Sonata: (14′ x 9’8)

Allegro: (16’8 x 14’2)

Cadenza: (16’8 x 13’5)

Treble: (16’8 x 10’7)

Virtuoso: (16’8 x 10’9)

Dance Rooms

Tap /Jazz Room: (35′ x 56’7)

Tap/Jazz Room: (36′ x 37′)

Ballet: (34′ x 37′)

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Conference Rooms

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Music & Dance Studios

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Blackbox Theater & Production

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Cafe & Dining Area

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Our mission is to nurture, inspire and empower Orange County’s most committed and talented youth to achieve their dreams and provide a path for them to follow their passions.

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