We’re Proud To Showcase Our New 21,000 Sq. Ft. Music & Arts Center

The school is 21,000 sq feet; 8 music rooms; 3 dance studios; building out 2 recording studios; 2 classrooms; 120 seat theater; state of the art electronics. We have a café that is operating under a separate nonprofit social venture called Monkey Business Café. It’s primary store is in Fullerton and it was created to provide real life experience and training for aged out (18 years or over) former foster youth. Our music program includes piano, string instruments, guitar, and wind instruments. Dance includes ballet to contemporary, folk to jazz. We’ll be offering mommy and me music classes as well as dancing for seniors, those with Parkinson, and the deaf. Our voice program will provide private lessons and children’s chorus. Our faculty comes from amongst the best in Southern California. For example our voice teacher is from the LA Opera company. Many of our music instructors are from our neighbor (building adjacent and connected to us) the Pacific Symphony. Dancers are well known professionals. We have a resident professional dance company (Backhausdance) that will rehearse at our school and provide both teaching and programming for us. Our tai chi program will start next month.

  • 3 Fully equipped dance studios

  • Spacious and Inviting Music Rooms

  • 8 Sound proof music rooms

  • Private lessons available upon request

  • Spaces available for rent. Inquire for more info

OC Music & Dance Facility Features:

Black Box Theatre

OC Music & Dance provides a state-of-the-art black box theatre for special performances and events. Fully equipped with a LED back wall that is capable of displaying extremely rich graphics, advanced lighting and spotlighting, retractable curtains, and a private dressing room built behind the stage.

Spacious and Inviting Music Training Rooms

For our musicians, we provide sound proof spaces equipped with the latest instruments and tools for success. Each room is themed to provide an extremely modern and exceptional learning environment for aspiring instrumentalists. All of our music spaces are also available for rent. Inquire for more info.

Recording Studio (Coming Soon)

We offer symphonic quality recording & rehearsing studios for those looking to record their music. Record all genres of music in a well equipped environment with the latest hardware and software technology. We provide a recording space for single tracks, EPs and LPs. Inquire about more information.

Safe and secure environment

We understand parent’s concerns for safety and we can guarantee that your child is safe in our facility. Built with the latest security systems, we’re able to constantly monitor your child’s safety while they reach their dreams creatively.

Fully equipped dance studios

Our dance studios offer a modern and elegant space for dance students to practice and built their talents. Equipped with the highest safety ballet barres, proper lighting and sound systems, loft style ceilings, Marley & Junckers Clip floor system, floor to ceiling mirrors and more!

Waiting Rooms & Lobby

For parents who would like to stay on premise while their students are attending our classes, we offer a spacious lobby with a comfortable seating area, entertainment, Wi-Fi (available upon request) and a fully operational café (2nd floor). Be sure to ask for a private tour of our space if you’re interested in learning more about OC Music & Dance.

"Art in the classroom not only spurs creativity, it also inspires learning."

Today is March 19
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