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Scholarship Program

As a nonprofit community music school offering excellence in training in the performing arts,
we are determined to make this opportunity accessible to every child regardless of the family's ability to pay.

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Please Note: Email the completed form to info@ocmusicdance.org or return to the front desk at OC Music & Dance

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  • Scholarship

Scholarships may be awarded to students under age 18 for up to 90% of the tuition price. Additional funds are available for supplementing family resources to rent an instrument or other critical expenses pertaining to the student’s participation at the School.

OCMD Scholarships are available under two different programs.

Title One Scholarships: Under this Program, the student must meet California’s eligibility requirement for free or reduced cost breakfast or lunch (program sometimes called “Title One”). Students eligible for this benefit must provide a letter from the student’s school confirming qualification. Eligible students will be entitled to a 90% scholarship. Parents are responsible for the balance of the tuition.

Discretionary Scholarships: Under this Program, the criteria is based on the family’s overall ability to pay the tuition and related school expenses. If the parent can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of OCMD, an inability to pay some of the tuition, OCMD has the discretion to provide all or any part of the tuition that it determines would be reasonable and appropriate. OCMD may require a personal interview of the parent and student before making a final decision. The scholarship may not exceed 90% of the full tuition and must be renewed at the beginning of each school quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).

For further information, please call our office and ask to speak to our staff about the details of our scholarship program.

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