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Our Society was formed to help inspire our children and their families.

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What is the Society of Muses?

The Muses were the Greek goddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration to poets, philosophers and others. Stories of the Muses dates back as early as the 7th Century B.C., and are recorded in song, dance, poetry and the visual arts. The Greek term "mousikê" is described as the art of the Muse. It includes singing, dance, playing instruments, and poetry, and corresponds to what we know as “music” and what we refer to as “culture”. More importantly it’s about creativity, expressed in words, motion, and lyric.

Inspire Children to Grow

Our Muses serve an enormous range of crucial services. Some will choose to provide reception as parents and children arrive at the School. Our comfortable lounge enables parents to relax, watch television or see their children through our video monitoring, or enjoy food and beverage from our Monkey Business Café. The Café is operated by emancipated foster children, through a social venture owned by Hart Community Homes, a foster care facility located in Fullerton.

Volunteer Opportunities

You may prefer to serve as a guide to visitors who would like to see the facility. Perhaps you’d prefer to serve as a volunteer instructor, coach or mentor. We host numerous events at our facility, so perhaps you’d like to help out in planning, organizing or staffing our School recitals and performances. Whatever you’d enjoy doing and however long you’d be interested in spending with us, we’d love to have you. You will make the parents’ and children’s experience so much more fun.

  • Reception and host: Handle phone inquiries and greet parents and their children or other guests as they arrive
  • Guide to the School: Serve as a guide to families interested in seeing the School;
  • Party planner: Help us plan and implement our many special events for the kids.
  • Teacher’s assistant: Help our teachers in music, dance, and voice, working with our students.
  • Technical support: Our sound engineers have their hands full and are always looking for tech support and more hands on assistance.
  • Marketing Volunteer: We have good storytellers who communicate our School’s mission and vision, and represent our teachers and kids very well. But they need introductions to parents of potential students and aspiring young musicians and singers. Help us reach the broadest media outlets, print and digital, local and regional.
  • And just about everything else you can imagine, we can use!

Our Society was formed to help inspire our children and their families. Our Muses serve as volunteers, cheerleaders, and role models. They are the voices in our children’s ears that say “if you can dream it, you can do it” (actually, Walt Disney said that, but we think he’d let us say it to our children as well).

How To Apply

To volunteer fill out a volunteer interest form on our website. You will be contacted about attending a volunteer orientation. At the orientation, there will be tour of the facility, as well as volunteer registration packet. Since the children’s safety and welfare is our highest priority, volunteer registration includes a one-time $50 registration fee which helps cover the cost of a mandatory background check.

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