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2017 Summer Camp

Introduce your child to multiple means of artistic expression!

Your child will develop & mature socially and emotionally while benefiting from physical activity through dance

Get ready to enjoy different types of music, as well as learn the basics of piano and unique instruments like the zither

Children will immerse in the Chinese culture, learning skills like communication, pronunciation, and expression

Creative juices will be flowing as your child works with a number of different resources and textiles to create keepsakes

Our Summer Camp Schedule

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Not seeing a “Sign Up!” button? This means the class has already started! Please contact us at
info@ocmusicdance.org for late enrollment options!

Our mission is to nurture, inspire and empower Orange County’s most committed and talented youth to achieve their dreams and provide a path for them to follow their passions.

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Today is May 21
9:00AM 9:00PM

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