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Two Worlds Foundation

Bridging the Deaf & Hearing Worlds

Bridging the Deaf & Hearing Worlds

A unique blend of a deaf and a hearing dancers, both with a remarkable talent to communicate and connect with all sorts of audiences and all age groups. Beyond the artistic experience, the performance conveys a very powerful message - that everything is possible

Shattering Perceptions About Human Limitations

Through their performances and therapeutic workshops, perceptions of limitations are often altered in critical ways. This is certainly true for notions of deaf limitations as well as for the greater range of perceived and often accepted notions of human limitations in general

Artists In Residence at Orange County Music & Dance

Starting this summer, Two Worlds begins its tenure as 'Artists in Residence' at the new OC Music & Dance, and will be bringing their uniquely inspiring programs from their base in Israel to Orange County and beyond

Qualified ASL interpretation will be provided in all programs.

Two Worlds Foundation's Camp Schedule

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Today is April 22
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